World Goth Day
World Goth Day
World Goth Day
World Goth Day
World Goth Day
World Goth Day

World Goth Day

Regular price $10.00

The Menagerie Oddities Market proudly presents the San Francisco Bay Area's 3rd Annual World Goth Day Festival!

We've curated a unique festival experience around 40 years of Goth subculture to explore the influence of dark art and music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our celebration includes 50 artists selling handmade wares: oddities, fine art, unique jewelry, home decor, and fun day filled with entertainment including 4 live bands: Ausgang (from the UK), Black Angel, Ms. Boan, and Unwoman; 7 local and international DJs; live performers and a fashion show hosted by drag performer Redd Fafilth as legendary drag star Divine!

The Menagerie Oddities Market is an all ages event. Our artists wares are handmade & found-they travel from near and far to join our traveling band of misfits. We're not your average art & music festival.

This aint yer grannies craft fair..

Market Price: $10 (Market Entry Only)
Market Time: 11:00-6:00PM
Market DJ's Set: 11:00-6:00PM
Market Performances: Unwoman 2:00PM & 4:00PM

Concert Price: $75 (Includes Market Entry)
Concert Time: 5:00-8:00PM
Concert Doors: 4:30PM to General Admission Ticket Holders
VIP ticket includes priority entry into theatre at 4:00PM

Ms. Boan: 5:00 - 5:50PM
Black Angel: 6:00 - 6:50PM
Ausgang: 7:00 - 7:50PM